3D imaging: Allowing post-surgery previews

The technology and techniques used in plastic surgery have improved greatly in the last decade. Cookie cutter procedures are no longer the status quo, and surgeons address patient-specific requirements better. Safety and hygiene during surgery are at their best, and post-operative care has become an industry of its own. But even with these modern tools, post-operation patient dissatisfaction is a constant.

Image Source: Beautywithouttheblade.wordpress.com

Image Source: Beautywithouttheblade.wordpress.com

As much as possible, cosmetic surgery patients are told what to expect in the days and weeks following the surgery. The most common side effects include discomfort, area-specific pain, or visible bruising for treatments like breast augmentation and liposuction. Despite the warnings, the post-op bandage removal may come as a shock to some patients, who perhaps expect to see flawless improvements immediately after the surgery.

After the bruising subsides, some patients realize that the changes did not lead to the look they had expected. This reaction is most common in rhinoplasty, face lifts, and other facial procedures. As a result, some 15 percent of nose surgery patients return for a second surgery, while ten percent get their breast implants reshaped or adjusted.

Image Source: Scbeautyhigh.wordpress.com

Image Source: Scbeautyhigh.wordpress.com

To decrease the disparity between patient expectations and reality, the VECTRA 3D Imaging System was born. This technology allows patients to visualize the results of their face, nose, body, and breast enhancement procedure through a three-dimensional model to scale. Whereas traditionally, patients have to refer to the “before and after” photos of other patients, they may now preview what the changes will look like on their own bodies. This allows surgeons to modify treatment until the result meets the patient’s expectations, thus reducing the rate of patient dissatisfaction after the surgery.

Image Source: Evoderma.com

Image Source: Evoderma.com

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is committed to helping patients meet their goals, and this starts by being thorough during the consultation. Visit this website to read about the steps they undertake to ensure a successful consultation.

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