Understanding gynecomastia: Causes, treatment, and surgery for man boobs

Image Source: media.salon.com

Man boobs are no laughing matter. They are medically known as gynecomastia – the benign enlargement of glandular or breast tissue resulting from an imbalance in testosterone and estrogen hormones. Various medical conditions, like malnutrition and testicular disorders, and a number of medications, such as herbal products, spironolactone, heroin, and Valium, are known to upset hormone balance, thus increasing one’s risk of developing gynecomastia.

The condition affects one or both breasts and may regress over time without interventions. While it’s usually not a serious problem, gynecomastia may require treatment if it doesn’t resolve on its own.

Testosterone replacement, danazol, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) such as tamoxifen and clomiphene, and other FDA-approved drugs intended to treat breast cancer and other disorders may be helpful for some patients with gynecomastia. These medications are said to be more effective when taken during the early stages of the condition before the breast tissue becomes scarred. In other cases, surgical approaches like endoscopic subcutaneous mastectomy and reduction mammoplasty may be required.

Male breast reduction surgery is a procedure intended to correct over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. The prime candidates for this surgery are men who are generally healthy and whose condition cannot be addressed through alternative medical procedures. The decision to undergo breast reduction surgery is highly personal, and patients must carefully examine if going under the knife aligns with their personal goals.

Lloyd Krieger, M.D., cosmetic surgeon and founder of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, performs male chest surgery with extreme care and caution to ensure patients minimal discomfort, maximum safety, and shorter recovery time. Visit this Facebook page to learn more about male chest reduction surgery and other surgical procedures for the breasts, skin, and body.

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